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A connector system for selectively coupling in a desired manner the input/output terminals of an integrated circuit chip to the input/output terminals of one or more other integrated circuit chips or to a circuit interface pin. The system includes, for each of the chips, an insulating mesa member mechanically attached to a surface of the chip. Each of the mesa members has a surface having a plurality of conductive pads disposed thereon, each of the pads being conductively coupled to the input/output terminals of the associated chip. A substrate having a recess made therein is provided with a plurality of conductive pathways. The recess defines a region of the underlying substrate, the region being provided with resilient compressible conductive pedestals, the pedestals being conductively coupled to the pathways within the region. Each of the pedestals is further disposed in registration with the conductive pads upon a mesa member such that when the mesa is inserted within the recess, the pedestals conductively couple the input/output terminals of the associated chip to the underlying pathways. A compression spring is also provided for urging the chip towards the substrate, thereby coupling the conductive pads to the pathways through the resilient compressible pedestals.

Connector system for coupling to an integrated circuit chip
Application Number
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Application Date
August 1, 1988
Publication Date
May 8, 1990
Nils E Patraw
Redondo Beach
Wanda K Denson Low
William J Streeter
Hughes Aircraft Company
H05K 7/02
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