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A fender for a wheel or a set of wheels for one side of an automotive vehicle, for controlling the wet weather spray and splash generated thereby when travelling on a roadway surface. The fender comprises a formed, rigid sheet mounted over and covering the wheels or set of wheels and downwardly curves at its forward and rearward ends. A removably downwardly depending skirt extends along the edges of the sheet. One or more air intake apertures in a forward, curved end of the sheet directs air from outside the fender to inside the fender and over the wheel or set of wheels covered thereby during forward movement of the vehicle. A spray shield in sheet form is adapted to be disposed above the roadway surface vertically depending form the rear of the rigid sheet and is spaced rearwardly from the vehicle wheel or wheels in a plane extending transversely to the vehicle. A plurality of rearwardly opening louvers in the shield extend, when the shield is in position, horizontally between its sides over a major portion of the area of the shield. The louvers permit flow of air and spray through the shield and cause a downward deflection thereof. The shield according to the present invention significantly reduces the hazard created by spray generated by a vehicle's tires by developing an airflow within the fender and as it leaves the fender which collects and downwardly deflects that spray to the surface of the roadway.

Spray controlling fender
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May 23, 1988
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May 1, 1990
Albert Z Morin
Apt. 801, 2200 Regent Street, Sudbury, Ontario, P3E 5S2
Burke Robertson
B62D 25/16
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