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Adapted for use in hotels, hospitals, and similar environments, the disclosed system allows numerous system users to operate user terminals at any of a plurality of locations to access a common library of audio-video data contained on a collection of record items such as, video tape cartridges, stored in a housing located at a remote central location. Using a computer controlled filer, the system retrieves a data record item from an array of housing storage sites at each user's request, loading the same into one of a plurality of playback devices also located at the central location, from which the audio video signal is directed to the user's terminal for readout. Each user may also access local television, radio, satellite video, and any other optional signal source connected to the system. System software running on a system supervisor computer processes user requests and controls the filer and the play back devices, while customized software that runs on each user terminal provides a user interface for interacting with the system supervisor computer. A multifrequency signal modulator and combiner system allows tuning of each user terminal to the signal from a particular play back device.

System for random access to an audio video data library with independent selection and display at each of a plurality of remote locations
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January 12, 1988
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April 24, 1990
Mark E Robinson
1080 Cliff Dr., Lapeer, 48446
David V Holben
4217 Highland Rd., Suite 275, Pontiac, 48054
Derek C Eggers
4217 Highland Rd., Suite 275, Pontiac, 48054
John R Benefiel
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H04N 5/78
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