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This invention relates to novel curable compositions comprising (a) a first component comprising an aromatic polymer having a first preponderant repeat unit and (b) a second component comprising an acetylene, maleimide, or vinyl terminated poly(imide) or poly(isoimide) or precursor thereof, which second component is compatible with the first component, has 1 to 300 second preponderant repeat units which are different from the first preponderant repeat units of the first component, is substantially free of elemental sulfur and reactive divalent sulfur, and is present in an amount effective to substantially cure the composition. The compositions are useful as adhesives, coatings and matrix resins for fiber reinforced composites. They exhibit improved adhesion to various substrates, increased tensile strength and improved resistance to cracking. The invention also relates to the composition which contains a reinforcing filler. The invention also relates to the composition after it has been cured. The invention further relates to a multi-layered article for use in electronic devices, the article comprising a plurality of layers each comprising a cured composition of the invention with one or more intervening layers of conductive or semi-conductive material.

Aromatic polymer compositions
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May 23, 1989
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April 24, 1990
Frank Mercer
Herbert G Burkard
Edith A Rice
Yuan Chao
Raychem Corporation
B32B 27/06
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B32B 27/34
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