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At least one seal for a sterilization container system, wherein the sterilization container system comprises a base, a lid, and a gasket for providing a microorganism proof seal between the lid and the base. The seal comprises a belt of shrinkable material having an anchor at each end. Corresponding anchor openings are provided in the base of the sterilization container system for the seal's anchors. The seal is installed by engaging one of its anchors in a corresponding anchor opening on one side of the sterilization container system's base, passing its belt over the lid of the sterilization container system, and then securing its other anchor in a corresponding anchor opening on the opposite side of the sterilization container's base. The seal's belt is formed from a shrinkable material which, when exposed to a shrinking agent, shrinks to urge the sterilization container system's lid, base and gasket tightly against each other to provide a microorganism proof seal therebetween to prevent the entry of microorganisms into the interior of the sterilization container system. Also disclosed are a method of using the seal, and a method of using at least one agent which simultaneously shrinks the seal's belt and sterilizes the sterilization container system and its contents.

Seals and method of sealing for a sterilization container system
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September 6, 1988
Publication Date
April 24, 1990
Jerry L Spence
Gregory W Moravan
A61L 2/04
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