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A packaging system comprises a first bag portion defining an inflated first chamber and a second bag portion defining an inflated second chamber with the bag portions overlying each other to define a pocket therebetween having an article compressed and retained therein. The bag portions are pivotally connected together at a rearward side of the system and overlying edge portions of the bag portions are heat-sealed together at opposite lateral sides of the packaging system. The frontal side of the packaging system is open to permit insertion of the article into the pocket whereafter the packaging system is preferably inflated with a pressurized fluid, such as air, to compress superimposed panels of the bag portions against the article to retain it within the pocket.

Method for forming clam-like packaging system
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August 11, 1989
Publication Date
April 24, 1990
Daniel A Pharo
1901 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 450, Los Angeles, 90067
Phillips Moore Lempio & Finley
B65B 23/22
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