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A nitrification-denitrification process is disclosed wherein a single flow-through and cyclically operated complete mix activated sludge basin, containing mixed liquor having a mean cell residence time of at least 15 days, is fed with wastewater and discharges treated wastewater to a clarifier while its contents are continuously agitated and cyclically aerated for approximately 3-9 minutes to form an oxic stage and then not aerated for approximately 3-9 minutes to form an anoxic stage. The treated and clarified liquor has ammonia contents no higher than 2.0 mg/l, nitrite contents no higher than 1.0 mg/l, and nitrate contents no higher than 2.0 mg/l. Approximately 99.9% by weight of the discharged sludge from the clarifier is returned to the complete mix basin, the remainder being waste activated sludge.

Cyclical complete mix activated sludge process
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December 20, 1988
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April 17, 1990
John H Reid
6 River Oak Pl., Fredericksburg, 22401
Marion P Lelong
C02F 3/30
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