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A respiratory apparatus including an air filter; a hose connected to the filter; a nose-connected breathing pipe connected with the hose and having two inhaling valves formed on two side openings of the pipe, two nostril connectors protruding rearwardly from the pipe to fluidically connect to a wearer's nostrils, and an exhalation valve formed in the front portion of the pipe; whereby upon an inhalation by the wearer, a clean air stream is inhaled into the wearer's nose through the inhalation valves, and upon an exhalation, exhaust air is discharged through the exhaling valve. The apparatus being comfortable to wear and providing improved dissipation of facial heat.

Miniature respiratory apparatus
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October 28, 1988
Publication Date
April 10, 1990
Tien Chu Lee
P.O. Box 10160, Taipei
A62B 7/10
A62B 23/02
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A62B 7/00
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