04914789 is referenced by 22 patents and cites 6 patents.

A closure clip member (10) for flexible bags, sacks and the like in the shape of a disk with an enlarged edge rim (12) and a thinner body portion or diaphragm (14); the body portion (14) being divided by radially disposed slots (22) into a predetermined number of triangular leafs (20) with the apexes (24) of the leafs adjacent each other at or near the center of the body. Each triangular (20) leaf includes a void area adjacent the edge rim (12) so that each leaf is "L" shaped; said closure member being formed of flexible, planar plastic material so that the closure member (10) can be manually slipped on and off a bag or sack.

Closure clip member for flexible bags and the like
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
October 18, 1988
Publication Date
April 10, 1990
Oliver L Pedersen
14050 Madison Ave. NE., Bainbridge Island, 98110
George M Cole
B65D 77/10
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