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An exercise suit apparatus is set forth wherein a suit of unitary construction is presented to envelop a human figure from the neck to the feet. The suit includes a plurality of elastic bands associated with each human appendage positioned on opposed sides of the arm portions of the suit and overlying a forward, side and back portion of each leg portion of the suit with a medially positioned elastic band securing the user's waist with an additional band about the user's chest. A zipper is positioned vertically onto a rearward surface of the suit for enabling entry of the suit by an individual. The various bands are positioned within enclosed conduits with the conduits for each band including a spaced region for enabling an adjustment buckle to adjust tension for each band.

Exercise suit
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November 7, 1988
Publication Date
March 27, 1990
Eugene A Malloy
15988 Village Dr., Victorville, 92392
Leon Gilden
A41D 1/00
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