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Side view mirrors are provided on motor vehicles. They give driver visibility to the rear and side of the vehicle. An area to the rear and side of the vehicle includes a blind area which becomes visible to the driver when the side view mirrors are rotated 3.degree. to 4.degree. beyond their conventional setting through actuation of a manipulatable button adjacent the driver's seat or actuation of the turning lever. Instantaneous initial movement of the side view mirror to cover the blind spot through fast moving mechanism is accompanied by a dwell of approximately two seconds to retain visiblity for a needed intravel after initial manipulation to initiate a turn or to permit opening of the driver's door into the adjacent lane of traffic during parallel parking to give visibility to the driver in the adjacent lane and blind area.

Device to manipulate side view mirrors for motor vehicles
Application Number
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April 10, 1989
Publication Date
March 13, 1990
Milton Brucker
10110 Empyrean Way, Los Angeles, 90067
Philip D Junkins
G02B 5/08
G02B 7/18
B60R 1/08
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