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The present invention is directed to an apparatus and method for assembling, aligning and securing a sealed connection. The apparatus and method of the present invention advantageously employ the mechanical leverage of a threaded connection, preferably square threads, to overcome the high O-ring seal friction associated with large diameter, high pressure O-ring seals. The disadvantages of threads are eliminated by the use of thread relief grooves adjacent and interior to the threads. The thread relief grooves must be of sufficient length and annular dimensions to accommodate the disengaged upset threads therein to permit free rotation. The combined length of threaded engagement must be sufficient to move the O-ring seal into sealing engagement to fully achieve the advantageous ease of assembly of the present invention. Further, this connection is unlikely to separate during use in that disengagement of the threads into the thread relief grooves prevents back off where high make up torque is not employed. After makeup of the O-ring seal, continued rotation results in disengagement of the threads into the thread relief grooves where alignment in any desired orientation is easily achieved by continued rotation. Once aligned in the desired orientation the connectors are secured by screws.

Alignable, threaded, sealed connection
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February 16, 1988
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March 13, 1990
Michael C Chang
Browning Bushman Zamecki & Anderson
Western Atlas International
F16L 35/00
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