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A snow plow assembly adapted for mounting on a vehicle. The snowplow assembly includes a conventional blade mounted on the front of the vehicle and powered with conventional hydraulic systems. The snow plow assembly also includes a blade mounted on the rear of the vehicle which may be raised or lowered and maintained in a selected position by hydraulic ram and which may be tilted in pitch. Diverter switches permit the vehicle operator to selectively use a single control for either changing the angle of the front plow in a horizontal plane or either for raising or lowering the rear blade or for tilting the pitch of the rear blade. Thus, the snow plow assembly can readily be adapted and retrofitted on vehicles possessing conventional front blades. A method of using the snow plow assembly is also disclosed.

Snow plow assembly adapted for mounting on a vehicle and method of using the same
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February 24, 1988
Publication Date
March 13, 1990
Scott C Lilienthal
P.O. Box 3232, Vail, 81658
E01H 4/00
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