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The invention networks a conventional and unmodified television receiver, television monitor, stereo amplifier, VCR's, video disc player, etc. and communicates via telephone lines with any remote central computer. The viewer provides channel selection commands or other programming commands to a microprocessor through an infrared channel selection unit. A motion detector detects entry or exit of viewers from the viewing location to monitor viewing behavior during a program. The microprocessor interactively communicates with the viewer through speech input and output modules and alphanumeric displays which are combined with the video signal and displayed on the television or monitor screen. A VCR tuner and TV tuner within the system provide audio and video signals for the conventional television monitor or television receiver. An AM and FM radio tuner may also be included. Each tuner is tunable by the microprocessor. The video and/or audio signals from each tuner and form the user's own video tape players and disc players are coupled to the input side of an audio switch and a video switch. The switches are microprocessor controlled so that the audio and video program from any source may be coupled to any output or display device at the viewing location. The system allows networking of audiovisual communication units for programmable control and for communication with a remote computer to monitor use of each audiovisual unit. The system also allows interactive user communication.

System for monitoring and control of home entertainment electronic devices
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September 28, 1987
Publication Date
March 6, 1990
Herbert F Primosch
Lester Turner
Fountain Valley
Beehler & Pavitt
Teleview Rating Corporation
H04M 11/00
H04H 9/00
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