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A bone fracture reduction device for the internal fixation and immobilization of bone fragments. The device is comprised of at least two spaced bone affixation plate sections formed of bio-compatible metallic material and at least one leg section of like bio-compatible metallic material interconnecting each pair of the plate sections. Each plate section has at least one screw hole extending therethrough for receiving a bone screw to be driven into a bone fragment and each leg section is of relatively narrow width with respect to the width of the plate sections. The device is affixed via its plate sections to adjacent bone fragments with each leg section spanning a fracture line. Each leg section is deformable after affixation of its connected pair of plate sections to adjacent bone fragments whereby upon kinking deformation thereof the distance between each connected pair of plate sections is reduced and the adjacent bone fragments are compressed to close the fracture line between such plate sections and immobilize the fracture.

Bone fracture reduction device and method of internal fixation of bone fractures
Application Number
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February 22, 1988
Publication Date
March 6, 1990
Frank H Morgan
Woodland Hills
Philip D Junkins
M P Operation
A61F 5/04
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