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Transmission of video pictures containing depth information is achieved by taking video signals from two sources, showing different representations of the same scene, and correlating them to determine a plurality of peak correlation values which correspond to vectors representing depth information. The first video signal is divided into elementary areas and each block is tested, pixel by pixel, with each vector to see which vector gives the best fit in deriving the second video signal from the first. The vectors which give the best fit are then assigned to their respective areas of the picture and constitute difference information. The first video signal and the assigned vectors are then transmitted in parallel. The first video signal can be received as a monoscopic picture, or alternatively the vectors can be used to modify the first signal to form a display containing depth.

Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving 3D video pictures
Application Number
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November 6, 1987
Publication Date
February 27, 1990
David H Morton
Robert F O Connell
British Broadcasting Corporation
H04N 7/12
H04N 13/00
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