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A clip (2) for retaining coaxial type cable (4) against a mounting surface (6) means of a nail (8) similar fastener may be produced by an extrusion process. The clip has an upper surface (18) having a first nail slot (26), and has a lower surface (20) with a second nail slot (36) and a cable retaining opening (50). The first nail slot is situated above the second nail slot and a slot separation wall (44) is defined therebetween. The cable is inserted in the cable retaining opening and the clip is placed against the mounting surface. The fastener is then driven through the first nail slot, through the slot separation wall, through the second nail slot and into the mounting surface. The first and second nail slots have widths about 90%-110% of the diameter of the fastener, and the slot separation wall has a thickness of about 75%-150% of the diameter of the fastener. The depth of the second nail slot is chosen accommodate any flashing (52) produced as the fastener is driven through the slot separation wall.

Cable clip
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April 22, 1988
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February 27, 1990
James A Merritt
P.O. Box 206, Pleasanton, 94566
Townsend and Townsend
F16L 3/04
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