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The present invention is directed to a method of monitoring a patient's medicine compliance. It involves weighing a container of medicine to determine a starting weight on a scale which is connected to a computer with a display unit and storing the starting weight in the computer followed by reweighing the container of medicine after a prescribed dosage is consumed to determine a second weight. The computer then determines the difference between the starting weight and said second weight to store a dosage unit weight. The computer is programmed to calculate compliance required weights of the container for each dosage administration for the prescription period of the medicine. The container of medicine is reweight from time to time on the scale to compare actual weight with compliance required weight to determine compliance and the computer visually displays the compliance results on the display unit to permit compliance monitoring. Optionally, other patient characteristics are also monitored and feedback is provided. The present invention includes both the method and the system of interconnected devices to practice the method. Feedback may be to the patient for self-monitoring or to a professional, and a single medicine or a plurality of medicines may be monitored.

Compliance and patient status monitoring system and method
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June 14, 1989
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February 13, 1990
Thomas P Hudson
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Albert L Dessertine
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Kenneth P Glynn
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