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A bed for multipurpose maternity care uses includes an elevationally adjustabel bed frame carried by transversely spaced lift mechanisms that permit the bed frame to nest between the lift mechanisms as it is raised or lowered with respect to a supporting base. An upper mattress assembly, including a seat and back rest, are pivotally mounted across the top of the bed frame. The bed frame includes a forwardly open cavity having guides for receiving a longitudinally movable lower mattress assembly at all elevational positions of the bed frame relative to the base. Elevationally movable outer supports mounted on the bed frame engage and support the lower mattress assembly when it is extended longitudinally outward from the bed frame. A pair of foot supports are movably mounted on brackets alongside the bed frame. The supporting linkages and brackets for the foot supports can be selectively connected to the outer supports for moving the extended lower mattress assembly in unison with the foot supports. The lower mattress assembly can be retracted under the seat regardless of the angular or elevational position of the seat relative to the base of the bed.

Multipurpose maternity care bed
Application Number
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July 15, 1988
Publication Date
January 23, 1990
Loel Fenwick
Wells St John & Roberts
Hill Rom Company
A61G 7/00
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