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A tv capture device is described which is incorporated with a conventional tv set or monitor. The data capture device extracts digital data from a composite video-digital signal and allows one to selectively store, retrieve stored information, and display the information on a tv screen or monitor. The apparatus includes a digital data extractor for extracting the digital data from the composite video signal, a memory unit, a permanent storage unit, and a microprocessor for receiving the extracted digital data. The microprocessor is controlled by a remote control device enabling information to be stored and retrieved from storage for display on a tv screen. A digital-video converter is used to convert the extracted digital data to video signals to simultaneously display the extracted digital data with the currently transmitted program.

TV data capture device
Application Number
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February 22, 1988
Publication Date
January 16, 1990
Keen Y Yee
57 Ogden Ave., White Plains, 10605
H04N 7/10
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