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An armored vehicle includes a multi-compartmented cab section having an isolated driver area and adjacent crew member area each with a separate door providing access/exit therefrom. An attached vault section includes a plurality of separate cargo compartments provided with individual doors all of which are independently controlled for unlocking and opening, by the driver, through a remote system. A closed circuit of video cameras provides constant surveillance by the driver, over all the cargo doors and any person using same. An additional camera scans rearwardly of the vehicle such that between the cameras and crew members, 360 degree observation of valuables is provided. During transport, no co-mingling of cargo and personnel occurs, thereby offering the maximum protection, safety and security to both.

Armored vehicle
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September 23, 1988
Publication Date
January 9, 1990
Stephen Rachael III
6329 Briergate, Bartlett, 38134
Richard C Litman
B60P 3/03
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