04891785 is referenced by 74 patents and cites 6 patents.

A method for transferring data files between processors in a linked network of computer processors, under applications program control operable in one or more of the processors, wherein a special applications program instruction is devised to cause the executing computer to process a utility program which identifies the data file being requested and transmits a request for such data file to another computer processor holding the data file. The computer processor holding the data file implements a special utility routine in response thereto, to first identify whether the requesting computer processor is authorized to receive the data file, and then transmits the data file to the requesting computer processor.

Method for transferring data files between computers in a network response to generalized application program instructions
Application Number
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July 8, 1988
Publication Date
January 2, 1990
Theodore J Donohoo
1027 Evergreen Trail, Lino Lakes, 55014
Paul L Sjoquist
G06F 9/00
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