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An improved stylus is disclosed for generating acoustic wave energy for use in an acoustic digitizer system wherein an operator-designated stylus position is determined from measurements performed on acoustic energy generated at the stylus. A stylus body is provided and has a generally elongated shape. A tip member extends from the front of the stylus body, the tip member preferably being elongated and narrowing to a point at its front end. A pair of spaced conductive wires are disposed in said tip member, the wires preferably being substantially parallel and having their front ends terminating forwardly in the tip member. The wires extend rearwardly in the tip member, and means are provided for coupling the wires to a source of electrical potential. In the preferred embodiment, the tip member is tubular, and the front ends of the wire pair terminate in the tubular bore of the tip member at a position where the tip member begins to narrow to a point. The wire ends are substantially parallel and substantially symmetric about the axis of the tip member. A plurality of apertures are provided in the narrowing portion of the tip member, these apertures permitting efficient emission of acoustic energy from the spark gap at the wire ends. By having the spark gap substantially centrally within the tip member and close to the stylus point that contacts the working surface, the errors and inconsistencies that can result from different rotational orientations and/or tilts of the stylus are minimized.

Sparking stylus for acoustic digitizer
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February 23, 1989
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January 2, 1990
William Kelly
Martin M Novack
Science Accessories
G08C 21/00
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