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An attaching device includes an anchoring plate 11 having four bores 12, 13, 14, 15 receiving two crimping tubes 19, 29 and two crimping rings 17, 18 for holding a multi-ply cable 20 or 21. The crimping tubes are adapted to be placed into holes drilled through the femur below the trochanter major, so as to guide the cables 20, 21 passing through the femur wall. The device is adapted to be used for attaching the trochanter major to the femur in the case of a trochanterotomy.

Attaching device and tools for positioning same, especially for attaching the trochanter major to the femur
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April 28, 1988
Publication Date
December 26, 1989
Claude Soria
3 rue de la Foret, La Trigale, les Ventes, 27180 St Sebastien de Morsent
Yves Galline
4 route d'Aigremont, 78240 Chambourcy
Bell Seltzer Park & Gibson
A61G 5/04
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