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A foot pedal controller 1 comprises a pedal 2 to which is attached a lever 3 pivotally mounted both in a mounting flange 4 and an anchor plate 10. Downward force applied to the pedal 2 causing pivotal motion of the lever 3 in an operational sense is resisted by a tension spring 14 connected between the anchor plate 10 and the lever. A flexible cable 18 comprises a core 19 translatable within a casing 20. The core 19 is operatively attached to the lever 3 by a retaining clip 26 which is snap fitted to the lever 3. The casing 20 is secured against translational movement to the anchor plate 10 by a plug-in cable hub 38 having a flange 40 abutting one side of the anchor plate and a pair of spring arms 45 which will deform radially inwardly when the cable hub is pushed into a receiving aperture 47 in the anchor plate and then spring radially outwardly to abut the other side of the anchor plate. The core 19 can be operated by the foot pedal 2 alone by having a lug 22 with an enlarged head 22 engaging in a countersink 32 in the retaining clip 26. Alternatively, a hand control can be fitted as well in which event the core 19 would be extended through the retaining clip 26 and a second casing would encase the core to a hand control member and have one end seat in that countersunk 32, by which either the foot pedal 2 or the hand control member can be selectively used to translate the core in a pull mode.

Remote control mechanisms
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March 23, 1988
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December 26, 1989
David J Crack
James Creighton Wray
Morse Controls
F16C 1/12
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