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A device for securing the edge of a stretched sheet, applicable more particularly to securing the lower edge of a tent canvas of a light shelter of a general pyramidal shape, has a horizontal extruded section with a groove opening, in one of its vertical faces, through an inlet slit of a width less than that of the bottom of the groove. A locking rod is able to be engaged transversally in the groove, through its inlet slit, and to be immobilized therein so as to retain the edge of the sheet having a bead. The locking rod, in the locked position, is in a vertical position at right angles with respect to its position of insertion in the groove and it is jammed against the lower lip by a lower rounded part, joining together the internal and external faces of the rod, so that a tractive force exerted outwardly on the sheet does not allow the bead to escape from the groove.

Stretched cloth fixing device
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January 29, 1988
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December 19, 1989
Jean Dalo
1, rue Beaurepaire, 91410 Roinville-sur-Dourdan
Pierre Dalo
Z.I. du Bel-Air - Rue P. Metairie, 78120 Rambouillet
McAulay Fisher Nissen & Goldberg
A44B 21/00
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