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A solar lighting apparatus for illuminating the interior of a roofed building includes a reflector assembly rotatable about a vertical axis for tracking daily movements of the sun. The reflector assembly includes multiple planar reflector panels each extending about a horizontal axis and supported between a pair of opposing, parallel side frame members inclined upwardly toward their rear ends at approximately a 25.degree. angle to the horizontal. The reflector panels are oriented in their operative position at right angles to the side frame members and are inclined at approximately a 65.degree. angle to the horizontal. The reflector panels are spaced apart from one another by a distance approximating the width of each panel to prevent leading reflector panels from shading trailing reflector panels. Each of the reflector panels is secured to the side frame members about a pivotal connection for allowing the reflector panels to be rotated to a compact shipping position lying substantially within the plane defined by the side frame members. The reflector assembly is supported by a rotatable support ring geared to a drive motor selectively powered from a storage battery that is in turn charged by a first photovoltaic panel. A solar tracking circuit selectively couples the storage battery to the drive motor for rotating the reflector assembly. A second smaller photovoltaic panel directly powers the tracking circuitry to avoid draining the storage battery. The tracking circuitry prevents false tracking under cloudy-bright conditions, and automatically seeks the sun following extended hours of overcast conditions.

Solar lighting reflector apparatus having slatted mirrors and improved tracker
Application Number
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August 2, 1988
Publication Date
November 28, 1989
Richard L Dominguez
Cahill Sutton & Thomas
Solar Lighting Research
F24J 2/38
G02B 27/00
G02B 17/00
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