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A prosthetic meniscus is disclosed which can be implanted in a humanoid knee, and which can act as a scaffold for regrowth of native meniscal tissues. The meniscus comprises a three dimensional array of collagen fibers interspersed with glycosaminoglycan molecules. The collagen fibers are present at a concentration of about 65 to 98 percent by dry weight, and the glycosaminoglycan molecules are present at a concentration of about 1 to 25 percent by dry weight. Crosslinks are provided by at least a portion of the glycosaminoglycan molecules, and may consist of at least one of the group comprising chondroitan 4-sulfate, chondroitan 6-sulfate, keritan sulfate, dermatan sulfate, heparin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid.

Prosthetic meniscus
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July 20, 1987
Publication Date
November 14, 1989
Kevin R Stone
133 Retiro Way, San Francisco, 94123
Lahive & Cockfield
A61F 2/30
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