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A satellite communications system employs separate subsystems for broadcast and point-to-point two-way communications using the same assigned frequency band and employs an antenna system which uses a common reflector (12). The point-to-point subsystem achieves increased communication capacity through the reuse of the assigned frequency band over multiple, contiguous zones (32, 34, 36, 38) covering the area of the earth to be serviced. Small aperture terminals in the zones are serviced by a plurality of high-gain downlink fan beams (29) steered in the east-west direction by frequency address. A special beam-forming network (98) provides in conjunction with an array antenna (20) the multiple zone frequency address function. The satellite (10) employs a filter interconnection matrix (90) for connecting earth terminals in different zones to permit multiple reuse of the entire band of assigned frequencies. A single pool of solid-state transmitters allows rain-disadvantaged users to be assigned higher than normal power at minimum cost and geographically disperses the transmitter intermodulation products. In an alternate embodiment, the satellite (200) employs direct radiating array antennas (202, 204) for reception and transmission. The system (200 ) utilizes hybrid-coupled dual amplifiers (251) to reduce amplifier production costs. In another embodiment, both point-to-point and broadcast services are available on a single polarization by allocating one-half of the frequency spectrum to each service and by using separate direct radiating arrays from horizontal and vertical polarization for both reception (235, 236) and transmission (237, 238). The frequency spectrum is reused in each of the contiguous receive zones (220, 222, 224, 226) and the transmit zones (228, 230, 232, 234) because sufficient spatial isolation is achieved by subdividing the receive zones in two halves (220a, 220b, 222a, 222b, 224a, 224b, 226a, 226b), and by using one-half of the frequency spectrum in each subdivided zone.

Satellite communications system employing frequency reuse
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October 14, 1987
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November 7, 1989
Harold A Rosen
Santa Monica
A W Karambelas
Mark J Meltzer
Hughes Aircraft Company
H04Q 11/02
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