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Prosthesis plug implants forming transverse struts between adjacent vertebrae have roughened surfaces receiving bone ingrowth to fuse the plugs on prepared surface sites on opposed faces of adjacent vertebrae and have end faces with tool receiving recesses securing the plug on a tool for insertion on the prepared sites of the vertebrae and for removing the tool from the plug without disturbing its position on the sites. These sites are prepared by feeding a drill through a guide fixed to posterior or anterior sides of adjacent vertebrae to form transverse side-by-side channels including cortex bone in the opposed faces of the adjacent vertebrae and terminating the drilling in advance of the opposite sides of the vertebrae. A plurality of the plug implants are each threaded on the end of the tool surrounded by a sleeve and are inserted endwise in exact position on the prepared side-by-side sites. The sleeve is then pushed into a recess in the end of the plug and firmly held while the tool is unthreaded from the plug to prevent disturbing the exact position of the plug on the prepared sites.

Surgical prosthetic implant facilitating vertebral interbody fusion
Application Number
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January 4, 1989
Publication Date
November 7, 1989
John W Brantigan
2108 Bramblewood La., Fremont, 68025
Hill Van Santen Steadman & Simpson
A61F 5/04
A61F 2/44
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