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A video endoscope is provided which has an inner cylindrical body member containing the optics and electronics in a manner which is impervious to liquid so that the inner member can be soaked in a disinfectant between uses. An outer rigid cylindrical sheath is provided into which the inner member is inserted during an operation. This outer sheath is heat sterilizable and therefore is in a sterile condition at the time of use. The inner body releasably locks into the outer sheath. The outer sheath also includes an accordion shaped sleeve at the proximate end which can be drawn down around the trailing cables containing the optics and electronics so that the entire endoscope is sterile for use within the operating room. After use, the inner body member can be removed and the outer sheath can be disposed of or it can be resterilized by heat for use at a subsequent time. Any containments from the body of the patient will be removed with the outer sheath and kept completely separated from the inner body member so that there can be no transmittal of containments from the body of one patient to that of a subsequent patient.

Rigid video endoscope with heat sterilizable sheath
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February 3, 1989
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November 7, 1989
Edwin L Adair
2800 S. University Blvd., Denver, 80210
Fields Lewis Pittenger & Rost
A61B 1/00
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