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An improved gantry for an examination apparatus, such as an x-ray apparatus comprising a source of x-rays and a detector of fluoresced photons, is disclosed. The apparatus is particularly suitable for use in a vehicle such that the examination can be carried out at locations convenient to the patients. The apparatus comprises a vertical standard and first and second carriages. The first carriage is movable along the vertical standard and carries a horizontal arm. The horizontal arm carries the second carriage, which moves along the horizontal arm in a direction orthogonal to the axis of the standard. A transverse arm carrying the x-ray apparatus is carried by the second carriage and moves with respect thereto in a third direction orthogonal to the first and second directions, so that three directions of motion along orthogonal axes are thus provided. Additionally, the second carriage is rotatable about the horizontal arm providing a first direction of rotation. The x-ray apparatus is mounted on a support plate which is pivotable with respect to the transverse arm, providing a second degree of rotation. Caging arms are provided which extend from the frame of the vehicle directly to the support plate and are readily fixed thereto, to confine the support table and the associated x-ray apparatus in transit. The caging arms and the standard are shock mounted to the vehicle such that any vibration occurring during travel is damped out.

X-ray gantry
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July 12, 1988
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October 17, 1989
David Archer
Pennie & Edmonds
Davru Manufacturing
G62D 39/00
G01N 23/18
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