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The strain relief device is used in combination with a metal electronic cable-connector assembly for high temperature applications and high mechanical shock application. The strain relief shrouds and protects the weld or braze between the cable and connector and also extends over a length of the cable to brace it from bending stress ad strain. The strain relief is generally hollow and tubular, an expanded end thereof being slip fitted over and/or welded to or threaded into an end of the connector and caused to extend over the cable-connector weld or braze, with a narrow end of the strain relief forming a lip surrounding the cable distal of the weld or braze to brace it. Thus, the cable and described connector end fit into the central longitudinal passageway in the strain relief and are enclosed by it. The strain relief can be in a form such that its central portion extends through a bulkhead and can be locked thereto. The strain relief lip can also be lined with one or more elastomeric pads or rings to increase resistance to mechanical shock. The strain relief is fabricated of metal or plastic or the like, depending on the application desired. Normally, the cable and connector, preferably a male-female connector, are of metal.

Strain relief and connector - cable assembly bearing the same
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May 9, 1988
Publication Date
October 17, 1989
Ralph Iverson
Granada Hills
Donald E Nist
Whittaker Corporation
H01R 13/59
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