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A composite compact adapted for high-temperature uses, such as a cutter on a rotary drill bit, which includes a relatively thick table of diamond or boron nitride particles with a strong, chemically inert binder matrix and a thin metal layer bonded directly to the table in a HP/HT press. The table is characterized by having high thermal stability at temperatures up to 1200.degree. C. The thickness of the thin metal layer, which does not exceed one-half that of the table, is selected such that at temperatures up to 1200.degree. C. the differential forces due to thermal expansion do not exceed the fracture strength of the table.

Composite abrasive compact having high thermal stability and transverse rupture strength
Application Number
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February 3, 1988
Publication Date
October 3, 1989
Robert H Frushour
2313 Devenshire, Ann Arbor, 48104
Robert B Crouch
B24B 3/02
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