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A rectangular cross-sectioned trash can (10) is disclosed which includes a downwardly directed lobe (26) extending from the upper end of each of end wall (12) and sidewall (14). Disposable flexible plastic bags are suspended in the trash can by placing handle hand openings (34) of the flexible plastic bags over opposite lobes so that weight in the plastic bags (38), acting in the trash can 10, tends to pull the bag handles up onto the lobes. In one embodiment the lobes are tapered. The tapered lobes tend to open the plastic bags for receiving trash. Because the trash can has lobes both on side-and end walls, it can be used with flexible plastic bags having handles at either sides or ends.

Trash can
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June 23, 1986
Publication Date
September 19, 1989
William N Hahn
114 Virginia St., Apt., Richmond, 23219
Griffin Branigan & Butler
B65D 90/00
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