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A synthetic intervertebral disc prosthesis, molded in the same shape and general dimensions as a natural disc which it replaces after removal of a damaged natural disc, is molded of a biologically acceptable, non-porous, preferably rubber or silicone-rubber compound in two halves, each half having a hollow, molded interior. The two halves are joined together with a non-toxic adhesive to form a body having a fluid-tight cavity in its interior. The upper and lower surfaces of the disc each have a plurality of small suction cup-like projections molded thereon for frictionally engaging adjacent vertebrae. After the two halves of the prosthesis are joined, the prosthesis is implanted between two vertebrae in place of a removed natural disc, and a volume of fluid, such as saline solution, is injected into the interior cavity of the prosthesis to create the necessary amount of resilliency which restores proper vertebral spacing and facilitates flexibility of the spinal column.

Synthetic intervertebral disc prosthesis
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May 12, 1987
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September 5, 1989
Gary L Monson
631-15th St. E.-#202, West Fargo, 58078
Berman Aisenberg & Platt
A61F 2/44
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