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The object of this invention is to provide a large scale but low cost windmill by maximizing wind-contact out of the least cost of materials with least cost of maintenance. This is attained by making the sails (100) as large as possible using light materials such as framed fabrics or aluminum sheets, by arranging the large sails (100) to form a long life of parading sails in one direction transverse to the wind and another long line of the same kind parallel to the first line but moving to the opposite direction with which the first line makes a close loop, by using a strong light weight cable chain (101) that is tugged by the large sails and which also turns the terminal gears (102) located at the two ends of the loop, by using light weight vehicles to carry the large sails such as said Power Cable Chain (101) suspended high in the air or deep-grooved Roller Wheels (133) on rail tracks or wide-based inflatable/submersible boats (150) on the ocean, by providing a grid of strings (117 and 164) on both faces of the sail to withstand higher wind pressure, by elevating the sails high in the air thru the use of Aerial Cable Railway (132), by providing intermediary aerial supports to the cables to permit long line of construction.

United sail windmill
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April 5, 1988
Publication Date
August 22, 1989
Gaudencio A Labrador
1312 Leaf Terr., San Diego, 92114
F03D 5/02
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