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A light dot reticle rifle shooting sight has tubular lens and battery housings supported in parallel for movement from right-handed to left-handed shooter positions by 90 degree rotation of a circumferential groove on the lens housing relative to a pin projecting into the groove from a mounting strap. Elevation and windage adjustments of the light dot are provided by adjustment screws that pivot a lens tube against diametrically opposed rubber biasing cushions and a coaxial position restoring force of a rubber ring fulcrum through which the tube extends. Rotation of the sight from right- to left-handed position interchanges the elevation and windage adjustment functions of the screws.

Improved adjustment means for sighting instrument
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
July 9, 1987
Publication Date
August 22, 1989
Per Olof S Ekstrand
2820 SE. 7th Ave., Ocala, 32671
Warren L Franz
G02B 23/10
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