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A computer system in which only the cache memory is permitted to communicate with main memory and the same address being used in the cache is also sent at the same time to the main memory. Thus, as soon as it is discovered that the desired main memory address is not presently in the cache, the main memory RAMs can be read to the cache without being delayed by the main memory address set up time. In addition, since the main memory is not accessable other than from the cache memory, there is also no main memory access delay caused by requests from other system modules such as the I/O controller. Likewise, since the contents of the cache memory is written into a temporary register before being sent to the main memory, a main memory read can be performed before doing a writeback of the cache to the main memory, so that data can be back to the cache in approximately the same amount of time required for a normal main memory access. The result is a significant reduction in the overhead time normally associated with cache memories.

Write-back cache system using concurrent address transfers to setup requested address in main memory before dirty miss signal from cache
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October 20, 1986
Publication Date
August 15, 1989
Steven C Steps
San Jose
Jeffery B Fromm
Hewlett Packard Company
G06F 12/02
G06F 9/00
G06F 7/02
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