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This invention relates to a curable latex composition, films and foams produced therefrom and method for preparing said curable latex composition. The composition comprises a carboxylated latex, an epoxy resin emulsion containing an organo-soluble or organo-miscible catalyst and a water-soluble catalytic curing agent. The carboxylated latex comprises a copolymer of from 0 to 75 percent by weight of a vinyl aromatic monomer, from 0 to 85 percent by weight of a diene monomer and from 0.5 to 25 percent by weight of an ethylentically unsaturated carboxylic acid monomer, all weight percentages based on the total weight of the copolymer. The latex is produced by emulsion polymerization of one or more monomers in an aqueous environment. The various components of the curable latex composition may be maintained separately until shortly before use because of their ambient temperature curing properties. In some instances two or more components which do not react with each other can be premixed. The present curable latex composition has improved shelf life, cures fast at relatively low temperature and provides plastic films or foams with improved moisture resistance and other physical properties. This composition is suitable for use as latex foam backing of textiles, textile and lamination adhesive and synthetic carpet grass coating.

Curable latex composition, films and foams formed therefrom and method for curing the composition
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December 28, 1987
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August 15, 1989
Alois Helbling
The Dow Chemical Company
C08L 63/00
C08L 33/02
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