04855725 is referenced by 225 patents and cites 24 patents.

A user interactive mass storage data access system includes a personal computer (10) and a simulated book (30). A mass storage device, such as a compact disk (CD) read only memory (ROM) (22), is connected to the personal computer, and the computer and the simulated book are connected by an infrared (IR) data communications link including IR transceivers (26, 48). The simulated book includes a display screen (34) and a microprocessor (43) with memory (44, 46). The microprocessor is programmed for storing data received and decoded by its IR transceiver (48) in memory (46) and responsive to user input for displaying a page of data on the display screen. In addition, the microprocessor is programmed to cause its IR transceiver (48 l ) to transmit to the IR transceiver (26) connected to the personal computer (10) a data request command, and the personal computer is in turn programmed to transmit data from the CD ROM (22) to the simulated book (30). Data can be loaded in the simulated book and accessed at a later time when out of the proximity of the personal computer.

Microprocessor based simulated book
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December 28, 1988
Publication Date
August 8, 1989
Emilio A Fernandez
1019 Salt Meadow La., McLean, 22101
Whitham and Marhoefer
G09G 1/00
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