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Disclosed herein is a method and circuit useful in the testing of integrated circuit chips. On-chip test circuitry is provided at a selected location on an IC chip and energized while the chips are still mounted on a lead frame member, wound on reels and heated in an oven. Advantageously, the continuous lead frame member may be a tape automated bond (TAB bond) flexible circuit which is adapted for gang bonding to a large plurality of ICs before being wound on reels. In a preferred test circuit embodiment, the conductive on-off state of digital address circuitry is controlled by applying a test signal potential to an input test pad and through a fuse to a common test circuit junction. This junction is in turn connected between a transistor and diode in a series control network which is operative to control the conductive state of the address circuitry. This network enables the input test pad to be used as both a test signal input connection and a ground connection for the IC test circuit.

Method and process for testing the reliability of integrated circuit (IC) chips and novel IC circuitry for accomplishing same
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May 18, 1987
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August 8, 1989
Robert W Shreeve
3650 NW. Elmwood, Corvallis, 97330
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