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An electrode implantable in the brain or other area of neural activity to provide long term recording of electrical signals. The electrode comprises (a) a conducting wire, being insulated along its length except for a pre-determined area, for conducting an electrical signal to or from the body from or to an extracorporeal transmitter or receiver; and (b) an open hollow insulating structure surrounding at least a portion of an exposed portion of the conducting wire for electrically isolating signal within the structure from that outside the structure. A method is disclosed for implanting the electrode. Also disclosed is the use of a viable nerve segment dissected from a remote part of the body, such as the sciatic nerve, to serve as an anchor for neurite growth from the brain into the insulator and in proximity to or contacting the exposed end of the wire.

Implantable neural electrode
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December 4, 1987
Publication Date
August 1, 1989
Philip R Kennedy
3240 Indian Valley Trail, Atlanta, 30341
Jones Askew & Lunsford
A61N 1/05
A61B 5/04
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