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An orthopedic nail for intramedullary fixation of fractures in long bones has an axially outwardly opening mouth in a first end thereof including a pair of side edge portions and an inward bight portion. A method of fixation of a fracture of a long bone includes driving a distal fastener transverse the bone on a medial frontal plane and axially inserting the mouth end of the nail into the medullary canal with the mouth on the same plane as the distal fastener. The fastener should be received within the mouth and seated against the bight portion due to the axial movement of the nail. A special jig is provided for accurately locating a second distal fastener if one is indicated. A retractable insertion device covers the mouth during nail insertion to reduce the likelihood of snagging vessels.

Orthopedic nail and method of bone fracture fixation
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September 14, 1987
Publication Date
July 11, 1989
H David Moehring
4215 Crestline, Ann Arbor, 48103
Price Heneveld Cooper DeWitt & Litton
A61B 17/58
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