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A device for extracting material contained in cartridges has a housing body having a hollow interior, defined by the inside of the housing body which extends to and terminates at an open bottom, in a form which substantially conforms to the form of a cartridge to be extracted for accepting a cartridge for extraction. An upper portion of the housing includes an injection element having a point which protrudes into the hollow interior for opening and penetrating a cartridge for extraction of the material in the cartridge. The outside of the housing body has an upper protruding part and a lower protruding stop beneath and displaced from the upper protruding part. A movable ring circumscribes the housing and the stop and has a lug protruding towards the outside of the housing body which is capable of communicating with the stop, the lug being positioned on the ring such that when the lug and stop are in communication, the ring protrudes below the bottom of the housing. A spring is confined between the lug and upper protruding part and the ring and the housing body for urging the lug into communication with the stop. A cartridge holder has an edge for holding a rim of a cartridge and cooperates with the movable ring for holding the rim of the cartridge during extraction and for releasing the cartridge after extraction.

Device for the extraction of cartridges
Application Number
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March 27, 1987
Publication Date
July 11, 1989
Petr Masek
Eric Favre
Vogt & O Donnell
A47J 31/24
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