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A remote transaction system is disclosed which may be used to conduct business transactions wherein visual contact between a buyer and a seller is desired or required. A transaction booth is located remotely from an operations center, the booth and the center being connected by audio and video communication lines. The booth includes audio and video equipment for transmitting and receiving audio and video signals between the booth and the center. Decoders are provided in the booth to receive telephone touch tones or pulses from the operations center and to control the audio and video equipment and other equipment in the booth. Alternatively, a programmable device, such as a controller or microcomputer, generates control signals for controlling the equipment. A dispenser unit is controllable from the operations center utilizing a decoder to selectively dispense items or objects to a customer. A payment module facilitates payment for items or services by cash, credit card, or other appropriate meams. The various equipment included in the booth is assembled into modules which can be simply and easily installed in the booth and interconnected using a wiring harness, facilitating the assembly and maintenance of the system.

Remote transaction system
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October 17, 1986
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July 4, 1989
Mark E Walker
1207 White Pine, San Antonio, 78232
Arnold White & Durkee
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G06F 15/20
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