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A food container comprises top and bottom members, with the bottom member including a lower base wall and an upwardly extending side wall. Spaced apart downwardly extending depressions are formed in the lower base wall, and each of these depressions has an inside wall surface spaced inwardly from the surrounding side wall. The inside wall surfaces of the depressions collectively define an outline, and the top member has a raised central portion the outline of which is substantially identical to but slightly smaller than the outline defined by the depressions. This relationship enables the raised central portion of the top lid member to interlockingly fit between the depressions when assembled food containers are stacked one above the other. The raised central portion of the top lid member has less height than the depressions which spaces the lower base wall from the raised central portion when assembled containers are stacked. As a result, open passageways are provided between the spaced apart depressions, the lower base wall of the bottom member and the raised central portion of the top member which may include vent openings therein.

Food container
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February 19, 1988
Publication Date
July 4, 1989
Frederick Hadtke
New Providence
Connolly & Hutz
Hercules Incorporated
B65D 85/62
B65D 21/00
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