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A modem which is provided with the operating parameters of a plurality of countries and can be made compatible with the country in which the modem is to be used is provided. The universal modem generally comprises: a receiver for receiving signals communicated over a communications channel; a transmitter for transmitting signals out over a communications channel; a ROM for storing the predetermined values of a plurality of operating parameters for a plurality of countries; a non-volatile RAM for receiving and storing in predetermined locations the operating parameters for the country in which the modem is to be used; and a microprocessor connected to the receiver, transmitter, ROM and RAM, for processing received signals and sending relevant information to a data terminal, for obtaining signals from a data terminal, processing the obtained signals, and sending relevent information to the data transmitter, and for obtaining parameter values stored in te RAM thereby permitting the modem to function in accord with the operating parameter requirements of the country in which the modem is to be used. The operating parameters may be software oriented such as the maximum number of redial attempts of a stored number until a first delay, a second delay or forbidden stats is imposed, or hardwar oriented such as the required line impedance.

Operating default group selectable data communication equipment
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December 8, 1987
Publication Date
June 20, 1989
Gregory P Hill
David P Gordon
General DataComm
H04M 11/00
H04M 1/26
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