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This invention enables comprehensive examinations of the front parts of human eyes, reliably provides precise and easily interpretable pictorial representations of the examination field, enables gentle examinations of short duration and is comparatively simple in construction and application. In this arrangement, a confocal arrangement of a pinhole relative to the focal plane of a microscope objective causes a scanning laser light bundle to be focused on the examination field. Use of a microscope objective for focusing the scanning light bundle enables a narrow limitation to be provided in the depth of the examination field. This light bundle may have a relatively wide cross section. Use of a pinhole to focus on a photodetector the light reflected from the eye causes a favorably high signal-to-noise ratio to be produced and image information data to be provided within minimal time intervals such as small fractions of a second to at most a few seconds. An electrically controllable active mirror operable within the beam-shaping optics of the scanning field may be included to displace the plane of the examination field relative to a median position. This active mirror may be controlled to operate as different types of mirrors including a plane mirror. Therefore, data for a high-resolution subdivision of an examination object into a plurality of thin layer-shaped examination fields may be obtained. Such data can be processed by an appropriate computer-controlled display unit and displayed by the unit as representations of the examination object along arbitrarily oriented and/or shaped sectional planes or curved areas.

Apparatus for, and method of, examining eyes
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February 28, 1985
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June 13, 1989
Josef Bille
Am Pferchelhang 2/4, 6900 Heidelberg
Charles H Schwartz
Ellsworth R Roston
A61B 3/14
A61B 3/10
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