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A more sophisticated version of the known "crisscross" type of slot machine is disclosed. A screen has a plurality of display zones, usually notional, arrayed in rows and columns. A row of symbols are made to sequentially appear and randomly stop on each of the display zones, either electronically, optically, or mechanically. Thus the player can play for random symbol combinations not only along the horizontal and diagonal lines, as in the case of the crisscross model, but also along the vertical lines, of the array of display zones on the screen. If the display zones are provided in three rows and three columns, therefore, the inventive machine offers a maximum of as many as eight different symbol combinations on a single play, as compared with only five yielded by the crisscross type of machine. A representative slot machine in accordance with the invention is purely electronic, using a cathode ray tube for symbol display.

Multiline slot machine
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June 20, 1988
Publication Date
June 13, 1989
Takashi Hagiwara
Koda and Androlia
Sigma Enterprises Incorporated
A63F 09/22
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